3 September 2015

Surgery Recovery | 2 Weeks Post Op

This post contains graphic images of my surgical wound
Also ... if you hate feet as much as I do, this post may not be for you

Today marks two weeks since my first surgical procedure to correct damage in my right foot, following my diagnosis last year of a rare joint condition known as Freiberg's Disease.

I have written extensive posts documenting my condition, which you can find under My Surgery Journey in the Lifestyle tab above - or by clicking here

Today I attended my first post-operative appointment. Following my procedure, I have been spending the past two weeks with my leg elevated daily. The appointment today would mark the first time I have left my house in two weeks as well as the first time I was to see my foot since my procedure.

Elevation was important for the first two weeks of my recovery. The above image shows the original surgical bandages my foot was wrapped in. 

I was also given a surgical boot, which thankfully I didn't have to wear to bed.

I had my surgical bandages removed, the incision checked, cleaned (which was quite painful) and re-bandaged. I was actually very surprised at how neat and small my incision was! I really was expecting it to be a much larger and messier incision going by images I had seen of other Freibergs sufferers post op. Also Tinkerbell still looks beautiful so props to my surgical team for keeping their promise to me! Although I will admit, the integrity of my tattoo following the surgery was the least of my worries.

Unfortunately, I was unable to snap a picture after the nurse had cleaned my incision site up, but I thought I would share the image with you for anyone interested. Excuse the traces of iodine and blood. The yellowing around the incision is actually bruising. 

At just two weeks post op I was not expecting to meet my surgeon for another few weeks, however I was told that he was anxious to see how I was doing. Following my bandage change, my surgeon popped in and decided to remove the dressing that had been applied to have a quick look himself at how I was healing. He was very happy with my progress and confident that by slowly encouraging myself to start movement in my foot and combining minimal daily weight bearing, I would walking unaided in no time.

I was very excited to hear this, as it has been a long journey to get here. It feels quite strange that the pain I had from Freiberg's on a constant basis is no longer there. Everything still feels pretty surreal to me, I don't think the realisation that I could be walking very soon with no crutches or boot has really hit me yet!

My surgeon felt that given how well I was healing there was no need to re-bandage my foot with the padding and bandages. I currently have a mepore band aid dressing and a tubular bandage to protect my foot for the next while. I was also issued with a new surgical boot to use until I am confident enough I can fully weight bare. 

It's in my hands now, daily strengthening exercises are on the cards for the next few weeks, followed by a trip to our local pool once my incision has healed fully to help rebuild the core strength I have lost over the past year and a half. With that done, I should be able to weight bear without crutches very soon. 

My journey is not over yet, I have a long road ahead of rebuilding lost muscle, losing gained weight and preparing myself mentally to face the world again. I have a gut anxiety about walking and feeling that all too familiar pain that has tortured me for the past twenty months, but I am confident in my surgical team and blessed to have such a strong network of support from my wonderful husband, amazing family and supportive friends. 
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  1. I'm so glad to hear you're doing great Amy! I can't imagine how excited you are.

    1. Thank you sweety! I'm so excited to just get back to normal! You know things are bad when you're excited to walk around in the cold holding a coffee with both hands! lol