26 October 2015

Christmas Shopping Night at The Orchard | Favourites & Gift Guide

I attended The Orchard Celbridge annual Christmas Shopping Night on Thursday the 15th of October. I for one love everything there is to love about Christmas, the movies, the smells, the food and of course the decorating! I was particularly excited to attend this night and get some inspiration for my decor this year. 

The Orchard is a home and garden centre located on the Dublin Road in Celbridge, County Kildare. Amongst offering a wide range of products including home, garden and pet supplies, they are also home to one of the nicest (and rather large) cafés in the area, serving the most beautiful range of gourmet foods and cakes. Definitely worth the visit!

The Christmas Shopping night offered customers a preview of the Christmas selection that would be available in store at a discounted rate for the night. From the moment we entered the store we were made feel welcome and offered a selection of steaming mulled wine, mince pies and sparkling drinks to enjoy as we browsed around. Michael Bublé tribute act James Reilly serenaded the crowds throughout the evening which really added to the Christmas atmosphere. There was a definite "Christmas Eve" feel about the night, as the crowds flowed through the doors. Working in retail myself, I am only too familiar with Christmas hustle and bustle, yet this night was somewhat more relaxed, people chatting and enjoying browsing the impressive selection of Christmas goodies. 

One of my favourite things about The Orchard is that it has segregated parts of the store in the home section off into little rooms / outdoor displays. This particular display greets you as you walk through the door and I can't help but imagine that my garden will look like this one day. This display embodies everything I love in one. Twinkling fairy lights, candles, lanterns and cosy blankets. All that is missing from this picture is a hot chocolate and a good book!

Of course everything in the image is readily available to purchase in store. I love the fact that you can see through the window as if you are standing in a garden. It really is a beautifully done.

On to their "Christmas market" which is located at the front of the store. It was too busy at the time for me to be able to snap a picture of the entrance to the market but I did manage to grab a shot of the beautiful Christmas tree by the doorway.

Some of the beautiful items available in the "market" included fabulous garlands, supplies such as ribbon and twine, decorative canvases, blankets, candles and much much more.

I loved this little tea set. Items on view were available to purchase separately.
There was a beautiful selection of garlands on offer ranging from pre-decorated and pre-lit.

I'm a candle lover all year round, but I particularly love the selection of candle holders they had in stock for Christmas. This tea light holder was particularly gorgeous.
What would Christmas be without that all too familiar and cosy scent of Cinnamon Spice in the air? Cinnamon Spice Candle tins from €7.99 
Lanterns make a beautiful addition to gardens of those brave enough to bundle up enjoy a nice hot mulled wine or spiced apple on a cold winter evening. 
As we wandered through the store we came across several different decorated styles of Christmas tree. Here are two of my favourites.

Rustic Snowy Foliage

Classic Red & White
Another fantastic section they have set up for Christmas is a darkened area with lighting inspiration. I fell in love with these beautiful candle lights:

Outside of the lighting section was one of my favourite and possibly the simplest display. What I love most about this image, is that when you see it in person in the store - it is very easy to walk by and not really take a moment to appreciate the theatre of it. This is simply a door that has been leaned against the side of the entrance to the Christmas lighting area, and dressed to resemble a Christmassy street scene. Again another one of the things I love about visiting The Orchard, the fact that each display is carefully thought and laid out as if you are walking onto a set. 


Of course there was no shortage of gift inspiration. Food, books, candle holders, clothing and so much more to choose from. A few of my personal favourites included a beautiful selection of home decor items from the Catherine Victoria Collection. As always - I was obsessed over the candle holders.

Isn't this lit up Street Lamp gorgeous?
The Orchard also stocks a beautiful range of items from Powder, a beautifully vibrant and feminine collection of women's fashion accessories. Though the price tag may deter you, I cannot imagine any accessory lover being disappointed with something from this collection waiting for them under the tree on Christmas morning.

I particularly  love the knee high socks!

Moving on to books, I only had a brief look and of course - recipe books were of the biggest interest to me. 

Although I did come across this gorgeous book entitled "The Story of Christmas", which ended up in an excited conversation with several other people about how beautiful it was!

Not only was it a book but also an advent calendar when you opened it out. There were 25 calendar slots inside, each containing a part of the story written inside a mini book and attached to a string. As the month goes on the reader will have eventually read all of the story and been able to add each book to their Christmas tree as an ornament. I loved this little book because it really was one of those kind of gifts you just know will be passed through the family for years to come.  

Moving on to sweet treats, I love the idea of giving gifts such as jams or quirky chocolates. 

I really loved the branding of the Mrs Bridges selection they had in the store. It was very vintage and homemade looking and would certainly be something I would adore to get!

An impressive range of Mrs Bridges jams to choose from.
These Chez Emily Hot Chocolate Swirls would make a perfect stocking filler!
One thing I didn't come across much of (which could have been due to the fact that the store was so busy) was wrapping inspiration. I did however find this gorgeous selection of wrapping paper and accessories.

Wrapping is the one thing I like to change up every year. This year - I'm considering doing something vintage - possibly brown paper as in the image above - but plain, and then adding cut-outs from decorated paper. We will see how I get on, and of course you can be sure that I will share my ideas here with you all.

Needless to say, we had a fantastic night! While we there to mostly browse and get some holiday inspiration, naturally we did pick up one or two things!

And of course - after all that browsing, we couldn't refuse a little snack ..

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This is not a sponsored post. I requested permission with thanks,  from The Orchard Home and Garden Centre to take pictures at the event for the purposes of writing this post. The concept, thought and opinion contained within this post are my own. 

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