6 October 2015

Cosy Autumn Essentials | DIY Projects & Recipe

Last month I posted a series of blog posts called Autumn Essentials in which I shared some idea's for some cozy Autumn decor and recipes. If you would like to see how you too can add some Autumn inspiration to you home, keep on reading.

I was inspired to create this project mainly because Autumn is my favourite season and apart from Christmas, one of my favourite times of the year to coordinate my home decor.

Shortly after I began knitting again, and after trying a few small projects out I decided I would love to try and knit my own celtic inspired cable blanket. These blankets sell for big bucks in most department stores. I have always been crazy about them, but never even considered trying to make one myself! With a little patience, time and less than €30 out of pocket for the yarn, I was able to achieve this thick, chunky, cosy blanket. 

Pinterest was definitely a big help in deciding my home decor for this Autumn season. I wanted to embrace everything cosy and comfortable that I love about Autumn, so of course cushions were next on the agenda.

With my cosy couch decor done, I began to search for ideas using as many recyclable and natural products as possible. One thing I was sure I wanted to make was Autumn inspired candle holders, since my husband and I love lighting candles. I came across some beautiful hand tied twig candle holders on Pinterest, and decided to put my own spin on it using a gorgeous hedgehog felt trim to finish.

I also made some other candle holders that didn't make it to the blog, by preserving some gorgeous fall leaves. I achieved these by using old Yankee Candle jars that we cleaned out a few weeks ago specifically with the intention to re purpose them. After drying the leaves, I applied a layer of glue all around the glass and began to press the leaves into place. Once all the leaves were attached - I applied several layers of glue, allowing each layer to dry before re-application. This was the final result >

Another addition that has recently become a big part of my home decor, is floral arrangements. My husband picked up these beautiful germini flowers for me from our local supermarket. Normally the stem is quite long, so I simply shortened the length of the flowers and arranged them in this gorgeous dragonfly decorative jar.

And finally, Autumn would not be complete with out the much loved Pumpkin Spiced Latte! While I love the Starbucks version, I wanted to recreate my own version that I could enjoy at home whenever I wanted.

So that's it for my Autumn Essentials series, I really hope you enjoyed it! For more pictures and to keep up to date with my latest DIY projects, makeup endeavours, recipes and more you can find me on Instagram @Bibbles87 or over on Twitter under the same handle. All the links are over there in the sidebar!
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