16 October 2015

DIY | Ghoulishly Ghastly Dripping Halloween Candles

Over the next week I have several spooky Halloween decor ideas to share with you. I decided I would start with a really cheap and easy DIY that will instantly add character to your Halloween home!

This a really simple project as I mentioned and can literally be done in minutes!

Solid coloured candles work best for this project. I picked the black tapered candle up from Tiger Stores for €1.50. Unfortunately, they had no red tapered candles in stock and the only ones I could find were a multipack selection at another discount store. The problem with the red candle was that the outer wax was red while the inner wax was clear as is the case with most "church" style tapered candles, so if you can grab a solid red candle from your local craft / discount store I highly recommend it because it will really add to the dripping blood effect. Tapered candles work best for this project simply because you have more control over the wax than you would with a larger candle. 

I chose to do black dripping wax candles, because my Halloween decor this year is Haunted Mansion themed and you will see very little blood or gore in the Haunted Mansion which is more of a solemn, dark palette. 


To start, grab a piece of scrap card and place it down underneath your pillar candle.

Simply light your tapered candle and hold it at an angle until it begins to drip. 

Hold your coloured tapered candle about an inch above your pillar candle and allow the wax to drip down the sides. The closer your hold your candle the shorter the drips will be, the higher the longer.  

I found it easier to move my card around in a circle as I went along as opposed to moving the candle. 

Repeat with your second candle and you're done! Easy peasy!

The wax will dry pretty much straight away and you will be left with two fantastically spooky looking candles for your Halloween display! Another bonus - the spooky dripping wax will stay pretty much intact as your candles burn down!

That's it for today's Halloween decor tip. Stay tuned next week for much more!
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  1. Wonderful and cheapest idea for Halloween decor. Melted wax creates beautiful scene which is more suitable for Halloween occasion.

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :)