29 October 2015

Review & Giveaway | Vanish Gold Oxi Action Stain Remover


Makeup, food, general clumsiness - all contributing factors as to why my clothes constantly appear to have phantom stains. I say phantom stains because I can never seem to remember how they got there, but let's just say the third factor is predominately the suspect.

Normally I would try to get the affected clothes in the washing machine straight away - but when phantom stains attack sometimes "straight" away just isn't good enough! That's where Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover came in handy! Keep reading for some top tips on stain removal as well as information on how you can enter my giveaway to win some Vanish products!


The first test I did was by adding Vanish Gold Oxi Action to my normal wash cycle.

My recently stained pot holder was the perfect candidate for this test. After being subjected to a spaghetti sauce spill less than an hour before, into the wash it went with my normal selection of mixed colours. I then added a half scoop of Vanish to my washing machine drawer in conjunction with my normal fabric softener and detergent (I normally add my detergent directly to the drum). I then allowed it to complete a 40ยบ wash cycle as per my normal routine. 
There was absolutely no sign of the stubborn spaghetti sauce when the cycle was done!


This was actually something I tried out on several items and something I can see myself using Vanish regularly for - as it was without doubt very effective. Pre-Treating your garments is perfect for more stubborn dried in stains. 


This embroidered cushion cover is years old, and of course as with all decor items - over time has become worn and stained. I would normally use a combination of baking powder and distilled vinegar on heavy stains - but the issue I normally have with this is that while it does work as an effective stain remover - it often leaves patches of "cleaner" areas on the fabric after a wash. 

As you can see from my first image - my cushion cover was badly discoloured and stained. 

Using the scoop that came with the Vanish - I took a little less than a 1/4 scoop of the powder and mixed it with luke warm hot water. I then used a toothpick to stir the solution until it was slightly foamy and then proceeded to pour the mixed solution on to the stained areas of cushion - working the stain remover in with the abrasive base of the scoop. 

I then added the cushion cover to my normal wash cycle and voila! My old, shabby stained cover came out like new - no patchy areas. I was thrilled with the results!


Next I decided to break out the Vanish Gold Oxi Action for Whites. As well as promising effective stain removal - the "Whites" formula also promises to lift your white clothing up to three shades.

I decided I would test this out on my husbands favourite Egyptian Cotton holiday shirt.

Again this shirt is years old, we picked it up when we visited Spain several years ago and it has come along with us on all holidays since! Naturally we enjoy food, and eat out quite a lot when we go on holidays, so Shane's poor shirt had been subjected to years of wine and sauce stains that due to the nature of the material simply would not come out. As you can see in the image above - the had faded considerably but were still quite noticeable. I repeated the same steps I used for my cushion cover, this time using Vanish specifically formulated for whites. 

After pre-treating and adding the shirt to my washing machine with the rest of my whites, I added a half scoop of Vanish to my machine drawer in addition to my normal fabric softener and detergent. I then washed my clothes as per my normal routine. 

Not only did the several old stains disappear, but as promised the shirt was noticeably several shades brighter. 


The final test I completed was on this beige t-shirt which had been victim of an all too familiar accident! Running colours! As you can see the shirt was quite badly stained from a red garment so I knew that I needed to do something a bit more heavy duty to try and remove the stains. Now I know you Harry Potter fans will find it as amusing as I did that I had to use Vanish stain remover on a t-shirt of The Marauders Map! The irony! Haha. 

The pink staining you can see on the shirt in the above image was AFTER an attempt to pre-treat the garment as I had done with previous items in the pre-treat test. While it did fade the stain a bit more, it did not remove it. I decided I would try the heavier duty option before giving up completely.
I added a half scoop of Vanish Gold Oxi Action to 2 litres of luke warm water and placed the shirt in the container to soak for approximately 40 minutes. 

I then rinsed the shirt off with warm water, and placed it into my machine drum - washing it as per my normal routine and as you can see from the image above - the pink staining is 95% gone! Fantastic results for something I was convinced I would have to part with!


  1. The quicker you can treat the stain the better.
  2. Always test a small area on the garment first.
  3. Always read the instructions on the label of your stain remover and NEVER mix chemicals!
  4. Look up a resource for treating different kinds of stains as not all stains can be effectively removed the same way. Try the Vanish Stain Solver for great stain removal tips. It allows you select from a list of different types of stains and offers advice and treatments. 

In conjunction with Vanish I have some Vanish products to give away to one lucky blog reader! Simply follow the instructions below to submit your entry. Giveaway is open to residents in the UK and Republic of Ireland and closes Friday the 6th of November! 

Best of luck everyone!

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Products tested in this review were sent to me for PR consideration by Vanish. All views and opinions are my own.

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