29 October 2015

You don't have to be great to start ....

Random ramblings tonight before I go to sleep. Tonight was my first time in the gym in almost two years. Not because I didn't want to go or anything but because with the condition I was treated for when I underwent surgery - I couldn't.

I was advised by my surgeon to start my physiotherapy with small exercises in a swimming pool, so myself and Shane joined our local leisure club a few weeks ago. Overall my "aqua" therapy I suppose you could call it has been going very well. I mentioned a little bit more about this in my Post Surgery Update last week. After each session I have done to date, I genuinely do feel stronger and much more confident that my recovery is going well. 

Tonight, I finally made it to the gym and as per my surgeons suggestion I started with the exercise bike. I felt great for the first ten minutes after which time I started to get really bad pins and needles in my foot before it started burning and I had to stop. I took a brief 30 second break and Shane gave me a little nudge to say I was doing really well, so without a second thought - I started again, finishing my 25 minute cycle. Although I had finished my scheduled work out, I didn't manage to up the resistance or try a tougher program and I honestly felt so defeated. Something that was so simple to me before took all of my strength to do tonight.

On walking out of the gym there was a sandwich board propped up with a quote on it.

It really did get me thinking. There I was beating myself up about not being able to do as well as people around me. Afraid that they would be judging me for stopping a mere ten minutes into my workout, when Shane reminded me as I took this picture outside that despite everything, the pain, the weakness and the sense of hopelessness - I'm trying. 

It doesn't matter what happens between the starting and finishing line, all that matters is that you cross both!
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  1. Good on you lovely! You're doing great, and you're still running rings around anyone still on the sofa.