19 November 2015

Dreaming of a New Blog Name

The one thing I have always regretted about starting blogging is not giving myself enough freedom or encouragement to come up with a creative name. I guess when I look back now, I can put it down to never imagining that Youtube or writing this blog would become such a massive part of my life, and so I chose a name that I felt would be easy for family and friends to find. After all, one of the main reasons I started my channel and this blog was to share things with family and friends. You can read more about the beginnings of my channel and blog here.

Over the years, (and this year in particular) as my confidence and interests have expanded I decided that Makeup and Beauty by Amy was no longer a fitting description of what my blog is about. While my Youtube channel will remain Makeup and Beauty by Amy (for now at least), I am thrilled to introduce my new blog name to you today. Without further ado - welcome to ...
Choosing a new name may seem a simple task, but I found it incredibly overwhelming. I was constantly battling with myself about making the change initially. I searched endless sites looking for inspiration and advice.  I wanted something fun and quirky, yet memorable and somewhat significant. I created list upon list of words I felt best reflected what my blog was about but the problem with having a lifestyle blog essentially is that you can write about such a wide variety of topics! I discarded list upon list of names, and was about to give up until one morning I woke up vividly remembering dreaming about walking in a field of daisies. Normally I would be quick to forget dreams, but for some reason this one stuck with me. I asked my husband Shane what he thought of the name "Dreaming of Daisies" and he instantly loved it. 

I soon began the task of googling to see how many other bloggers were "Dreaming of Daisies" and was thrilled that no other blogs I could find on an initial search shared the name. As I continued searching - I became increasingly curious at the amount of searches that came back offering interpretations for dreaming of daisies. Finally giving in - I  was amazed to read again and again what I dreamt is most often interpreted as meaning. 

Most sites indicated that daisies in a dream can symbolise many things from innocence to mortality. The one thing they all agreed on was that dreaming of a field of daisies represents good luck, good health and prosperity. I found this incredibly comforting to read when I considered my own personal experiences and struggles over these past two years. 

With that said - thank you Makeup and Beauty by Amy for inspiring my confidence and for taking me to the finalist stage of this years Blog Awards. You have set the foundation for me to move on to bigger and better things and because of you I will continue to fight, continue to create and continue Dreaming of Daisies. I look forward to continue on my journey with all of you. 
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