4 November 2015

November Inspiration - Thankful | Mood Board

This months mood board is about being THANKFUL.

This week marks 11 weeks since my surgery and I am delighted to say that I feel more and more confident as each day passes that my recovery is going well, and that my body is getting stronger. Although I am not 100% back to myself, I have been making some huge progress. This past week also marks the first time in almost two years that I have been able to walk around without crutches. What an exhilarating feeling! Even though I still have pains from day to day, and even though I know my journey is really only just beginning - I feel like the month of November is the perfect time for me to reflect on what I am truly thankful for. 


As corny as it may sound, first and foremost I am thankful for life. I am constantly reminded that even though things may not always go my way - there is always someone somewhere less fortunate than I am. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunities that have crossed my path over the years. I still believe that everything happens for a reason and that we all have a purpose. 

I chose the image of the bench lit by the street lamps to represent what I think of most when I think of "Life". I know this may seem an odd symbol, but for my husband and I, a dusky foggy night lit by street lamps means a lot to us. 

We love walking together, and there is no better season than Autumn to bundle up and walk in the dimming sunset, talking about what we want for our lives, what we hope to achieve and letting go of our worries. We rarely talk about issues that bother us at home. Walking gives us the freedom to discuss what worries us, and leave those fears and worries of life out in open where they belong. 


Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for my husband. We met when were just 17 years old, were engaged by 21 and married by 24. We celebrated 10 years together in August of this year. Looking back, even though we were young with no real plans regarding our future, I still believe we made the right choice in getting married when we did.

We have always had a wonderful relationship, but its only really these past two years that I have truly began to understand the value of our marriage. I have always taken for granted that no matter what happens - I have Shane there, but during my wait for surgery and going through recovery I have slowly learnt that companionship is so much more than that. 

Not a day passes that he doesn't tell me that I look beautiful - no matter how crappy or gross I feel. He is my confidant, I can literally talk to him about anything and everything. He celebrates with me when I am happy and comforts me when I am sad. He's a hands on husband, helping with whatever needs to be done around the house. I can be silly with him, he never fails to make me smile.  He has the ability to give me advice or a new perspective on something that may be bothering me. He is more than just a "husband". He is the person I can cuddle into whenever I want, he accepts me for me and most importantly he is the man I feel fortunate to say I can't wait to make even more beautiful memories with as we grow old together. We make a pretty good team!


I know this may seem an odd one, but I am incredibly thankful for food. Not in the sense that I am obsessed with food or anything like that - although we do enjoy cooking and trying new things. I am thankful in the knowledge that I have a full cupboard, when I know so many people in the world are not so fortunate. I may not have a lot of money, fancy car, incredible job or own my own house, but I have food on my table. 

With social media having a massive influence on how we perceive food nowadays (I am just as guilty by the way for snapping pictures for Instagram), I find the focus on food has turned to having the latest, greatest, most expensive, most elegant eats - but no one really takes a moment to step back and consider how fortunate we are to have the ingredients to create these dishes on hand in the first place. 


I already spoke about how thankful I am for my relationship with my husband, but he is just the pinnacle of the incredible support system I have been blessed with. My family and friends have been incredible throughout my journey. 

I have always been very different to many of my friends and have wanted very different things for myself, so over the years as does happen with many people, friends have come and gone. When I first injured myself, I found that people that had always promised to be there for me suddenly had little to no interest in even speaking with me. At first I was hurt and angry and then I began to realise, that I was always the one making sure that they were okay. I was always the one starting conversations and making suggestions for days out. I was always the one with THEIR interests at heart. Never the other way around. While it took a while to realise - I finally began to understand these people were not my real friends. 

Then there was the people that stuck around when I was feeling at my lowest. They were the ones who related and offered me friendship when I was feeling hopeless about things that were happening in my life, and had nothing to offer them in return. I am incredibly thankful for their friendship and their support because without them I don't know how I would have got through. I know these friendships have formed lifelong bonds and I finally feel peace in the knowledge that I have experienced a kind of friendship I wasn't sure even existed anymore.

As for my family, I am so thankful for the bond and closeness we have. Although (like all families) we have our moments - I would be truly lost without them! I feel so thankful for having a best friend in my sister Olivia who I easily forget sometimes is 13 years younger than me! 

So I have left myself with a lot to reflect on this month. I think it's important every once in while to take a step back, be humble and think about all the fantastic things you have been blessed with in your life. It is so easy to get hung up on the negative and I think November (which coincidentally hosts Thanksgiving) is the perfect time to exercise a little self examination before the Christmas season comes along. Only then can we truly embrace the togetherness and the true meaning of the bonds of family and friendship that the season brings. 

"There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for" 
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