18 January 2016

Snapchat Sundays | New Mini Vlog Series

I feel like I am so behind on technology lately! While I love "vlogging" - I found it increasingly hard to enjoy Vlogmas this year! I normally love recording things and putting clips of my day together, but I think a combination of frustration at my editing software for continuously crashing or my laptop and hard drives being constantly full and needing maintenance, really got the better of me this time around. I do have some footage from Christmas and the days before that I do want to get edited and uploaded - regardless of how much time is passed, so that is something I will probably work on for the next few days!

Anyway, back to the point of this post. As I mentioned, I am so behind on technology. Updates to apps on my phone have pretty much gone unnoticed these past few weeks and I haven't really given myself time to fully explore updates that had  been applied in the last few months to some of my favourite apps either! It is really only in the last two weeks that I have fully began to explore the potential of Snapchat.

Aside from the cool little filters and effects that have been added, I have recently discovered that I can download my snaps to my phone from the My Story option. I was so excited to discover this and began thinking that initially I might utilise this feature to do some "mini makeup tutorials" but then I thought, how about mini vlogs?

I feel sometimes that the moment in between getting my camera out and filming something can often be lost, where as grabbing my phone and opening Snapchat takes mere seconds! I decided to fully try this out yesterday and loved the end result! I definitely think this is something I will be doing more of and I would love your feedback!

I decided to call this mini vlog series Snapchat Sundays since I recorded my first on a Sunday, but I am playing around with the idea of having the video I upload on a Sunday be a sort of compilation of my week as opposed to just a Sunday vlog.

As I said, I would love to hear what you guys think! I am actually returning to work (finally) very soon so I will find myself in a position where I will have less time to edit etc. I really do love the idea of using Snapchat as a means of being able to vlog and continue to share snippets of my days with you guys! 

Thanks for tuning in today! I will be back through the week with a much more consistent schedule that I have been working on! I have a few new DIY and recipe blogs in mind, as well as some video ideas. If you would like to follow me on Snapchat > here is my little ghost guy! 
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