29 January 2016

Tip | How to Iron 100% Cotton / Egyptian Cotton Sheets

I have wanted to own my very own cotton bed set ever since we visited Disneyland Paris on our honeymoon back in 2012. Before that, I never really understood the fascination with what I just assumed to be overpriced bedding. After having the best weeks sleep however - my mind was changed and both myself and Shane fell in love with the idea of someday owning our own set. 

Our honeymoon suite. Sequoia Lodge Disneyland Paris 2012.

The appeal for me in choosing white cotton bed linen was the fact that I would have so much freedom when it came to accessorising and dressing the bed with accessories such as blankets and cushions. As much as we loved the idea, we could not bring ourselves to shell out €90 plus for the duvet cover alone and since we live in rented accommodation, it seemed ridiculous to spend so much on bedding when we were so restricted to the overall design and decor in our room. 

A few weeks ago however, we came across a brand called Sleepdown in our local store which was on sale for what we thought to be a very reasonable price and we decided to finally treat ourselves. Trust me when I say, these sheets are so comfortable to sleep in!! We opted for the all white 100% Egyptian cotton set and they are divine! Super soft and luxurious! Everything we wanted on a budget! 

When it came to wash the sheets however, I found myself presented with the task of figuring out the best way to iron them. I know most people wouldn't bother when it came to ironing bed linen, but these sheets really only look the part when ironed. Since cotton sheets don't have polyester or other synthetic fibres, they crease much easier that standard duvet sets. 

After a mild wash cycle, I tumble dried the sheets on a low heat setting as suggested on the tag instructions. I then took the sheets immediately out of the dryer and tried to iron them, and tried .. and tried ... and nothing seemed to work. The creases appeared less creased but were still very prominent. 

I took to Google to look for a solution and came across a variety of different suggestions and so I tried my own little combination of techniques that I felt might work best for my sheets. Thus this post today! I thought I would share with you how I achieved my beautifully soft, crease free Egyptian cotton bed linen.

After following the above steps and unsuccessfully attempting to iron my sheets, I read time and time again that the best way to iron 100% cotton is when it is slightly damp. 

Top of sheet: Standard steam iron.
Bottom of sheet: Slightly dampened - then steam ironed. 
Since I had tumble dried my sheets already, I need to make them damp enough to iron without breaking the fibres. I opted for a spray bottle filled with clean water and I proceeded to lightly spritz the sheets before passing over them with my iron on a cotton and steam setting. 

Left: Steam ironed
Right: Dampened then steam ironed
That's it! Simple as that, but nonetheless I felt it was worth sharing! I know it seems like a lot of work, but trust me it's more than worth it! I cannot wait to have our own home someday and fill it with beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets!
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