29 February 2016

Surgery Update | 6 Months Post-Op

It has been a few weeks since I have updated the blog, so I thought - what better way to get back to it - then to give you guys a little surgery update! 

So in true surgery update fashion, lets start with major changes that have taken place since my last update. 


Firstly, I am finally back to work! Yes, after over two years I was finally well enough to re-enter the working world! I was super nervous that I would have to wait a bit longer than expected following an extremely bad relapse of pain just before Christmas, but surely enough my doctor gave me the all clear to ease myself back in for the end of January. Hence the lack of posts lately! 

I won't lie, the first week was absolute hell and it was pretty deflating to not be able to fit into my old uniform due to my drastic weight gain. The role I have is also pretty intensive in terms of being on my feet all day, and I am very much a person that needs to complete a task as soon as I think of it, so sitting was not an option for me - no matter how much my colleagues advised. For the first couple of days, I ended up back in bed as soon as I came home for hours on end with ibuprofen, my ice pack and Netflix binging. 

The second week, while still tough was getting a little easier on me. I was using muscles that hadn't been used in a very long time between stretching and stooping. I was exhausted and week, mentally and physically - but a little voice kept telling me to push through!

By week three, I felt like I had never left! I was thoroughly enjoying the company of my colleagues as well as having something to do during the day! (The pay check at the end of the week helps too). I was still struggling with swelling after standing for a few hours, but I could feel myself getting stronger and less exhausted by work as each day passed. 

Last week was probably the best week since my return to work, my limp became less apparent and I generally felt much strong than I have in months. I also weighed myself for the first time since before Christmas and was thrilled to see that in just 10 weeks I had managed to lose 15lbs! 

Overall I am really happy to be back to work! It feels amazing to finally have a schedule and routine back on track again, not to mention be able to walk around with significantly less pain then I had been before. 


Due to work absorbing much of my time (and my energy), I haven't had a lot of time to work on my physiotherapy in the swimming pool. I think I have only made it over a grand total of three times in the past four weeks, so we have made the decision to cancel our membership for now. 

We have been a walking a lot more, which suits me perfectly since you all know how much I love walking! We also recently invested in our first car, so we are excited to see what adventures we can go on now that we will have more mobility! Ireland plays host to some incredible hiking trails, so we are hoping to take on a few of these during the summer.

Walking and photography has become our favourite way to unwind
Another passion at the moment is yoga! I never in a million years thought I would enjoy yoga but let me tell you, I do feel like it has played a massive part in building not only my strength but helping me cope with stress and anxiety. I haven't tried it in a studio yet, I just follow along with these beautiful videos by BohoBeautiful. This sleepy bear routine is one of my favourites and really helps me feel energised and ready to take on the day!


February 20th marked 6 months since the surgery, and today the 29th was my officially my final appointment with my surgeon! I had a brand new set of X-rays taken this morning, and got to see just how my foot has been healing. My surgeon pulled up my old X-rays to do a comparison and it was amazing to see new healthy bone growing where the debriment and osteotomy had been performed. It looked much different and healthier to my last X-rays back in November. 

While I still have the option to have a joint replacement done in the future, my surgeon was happy that what was done is maintainable enough for the next few years. It's up to me now to know my limits, take it easy and don't do anything TOO strenuous on my foot. 

It felt truly amazing to be told, "That's it, everything looks amazing - go live your life! Don't let anything stop you again!". 

I feel honestly blessed to have found such a wonderful and positive surgeon. I don't think he will ever truly understand how much more he has given me than simply my mobility back. 


Ready. Ready to live and forget the pain and stress of these past two years. 

I still have good and bad days, I still have swelling and slight discomfort, but I have been reassured that all of this is normal and to be honest, I feel so used to it now that I rarely even think about it.

I still get swelling and minor pains, but nothing as severe as pre-surgery
From here on out, its all in my hands (or feet so to speak).  

It's finally time to start living!

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