11 June 2016

A Grand Adventure is About to Begin!

Hi everyone! 

So sorry for my hiatus these past few months! I have been suffering from (from lack of a better explanation) writers block and literally could not find the thought of motivation for new posts!

Thankfully I feel like I finally have some great ideas and posts to share with you guys! While on hiatus, my husband and I discovered something pretty exciting that I just cannot wait to share with you all!

We're having a baby!!! 

Can you tell how excited we are?? It has been SO difficult keeping this wonderful little secret of ours these past few weeks! We actually found out when I was about when I was about five weeks pregnant but made the decision to keep it under wraps until I was near the end of the first trimester. We didn't even tell our family and friends until just last week!

Well today I am 12 weeks and 4 days and more excited than ever to meet our little bundle of joy! Hurry up December 20th!! 

I have been keeping little secret pregnancy diaries, but I feel like if I was to post them all together,  that would be an overload of baby themed posts here. So I have decided to condense them down to one "First Trimester" themed post. So bare with me for a couple of days while I try not to make it TOO long winded! Haha.

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