4 August 2016

A well overdue update

I haven't posted here in forever! For which, I am extremely sorry! If I'm to be honest, I have just been having the worst case of writers / content block these past few months! I mean, I have a LOT of ideas jotted down that I really want to share with you - but when it comes to actually constructing a post that will make some sense - let's just say it doesn't go so well! The sheer amount of "drafts" I have waiting to be finished and posted is just crazy! Anyways, enough of my rambling. I thought today, I would pop by and share a little update with you all in the hopes that I will find some much needed inspiration to finish and post some of the little projects I have been holding on the back burner! 


Unfortunately, it's not just my blog that has been suffering from a lack of posts lately - my poor Youtube channel has been neglected since January of this year! For those new to my blog, I returned to work in January after suffering for two years from a joint disease (my journey with which has been documented - if you are interested - in the Lifestyle menu above).  

I have a bunch of ideas planned for my channel, both beauty and craft related so watch this space. Links as always will be posted here for you and don't forget to click that little Subscribe button over in the sidebar to stay up to date with my latest posts! 


Since returning to work, I was dealing with extreme exhaustion both mentally and physically for some time. By March I had finally started to adjust to my return to work and felt like I had finally gotten the tiredness under control! By mid April however, I started feeling extremely tired again and decided to book an appointment to see my GP. My GP was initially concerned (following several negative pregnancy tests) that I was suffering from a combination of anxiety related to my return to work, as well as a possible hormonal imbalance. I was scheduled for a blood test later that week, and my doctor did another pregnancy test just to be sure. Low and behold the test was negative, and I went on my way with no immediate answer as to why I was so tired all the time! 

That was until later that evening, when my doctor called me to tell me that the test had come up as a false positive (it had changed over the course of the day) and I was in fact pregnant with our first child!!! You can read more about our little announcement etc here.

Well that was 15 weeks ago now and our little baby is growing and growing! We're now at the halfway mark of 20 weeks and getting more and more excited as each day passes to meet our little one! We have been super busy trying to look for new accommodation which is unfortunately not going so well right now! As an alternative, we have decided to stay put in our little one bedroom apartment until little Baby Brady is here. On the plus side, we are most definitely learning how to utilise space to it's full advantage! 

As of now, the tiredness is finally gone and I am really truly enjoying being pregnant! I'm planning a few pregnancy related blog posts, so again watch this space! Our "big" scan is next week so I will keep you guys updated on how that goes! We are still very much on the fence about whether or not to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. 


This month marks one year since my foot surgery! That just sounds incredibly crazy to say! I feel like this past year has been such a blur! 

Since my return to work, I have found it difficult adapting to being on my feet all day, but I really do think it has done the world of good in regards to strengthening my muscles. I still have good and bad days, but thankfully nowhere near the level of pain I was experiencing pre surgery! 

My surgical scar gives me little to no trouble thankfully and I feel like temperature wise the aches and pains I was previously associating with either too hot or too cold conditions are starting to even out. 

My limp is now much less pronounced and much less noticeable then it ever has been. The only time it will really become apparent is when I am very tired, or have been walking for long periods of time.


We've made it to this years Longlist in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards Lifestyle Category. So a massive thank you to everyone for your nominations and continued support! I am so thrilled to have my little blog nominated for the third year in a row. 


I think that pretty much sums up what I have been up to these past few months! As I said, I do have a lot planned and will be hopefully finishing and posting some new content both here and on my Youtube channel very soon. 

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