My Makeup Story

Ever since I was little, I have always been artistic and creative. When I was young .. I wasn't exactly crazy about makeup. Not that I wasn't crazy about it per say .. more like .. I didn't really understand it, or the fascination. As a teenager I had played around with eyeliner and various eyeshadow but had no real concept of anything else. I had however always been interested in Special FX makeup and prosthetics, spending hours as a youngster watching the old Hollywood Monster Makeup shows on TV. I especially loved watching the behind the scenes movie specials that would show you the whole makeup and special FX process unravel.

My now husband Shane and I in 2006. You can see I very rarely wore much / any makeup.
When it came time for me to leave school and choose a major for college I instinctively applied for a course in Animation with Ballyfermot College of Further Education in Dublin. I had always been passionate about drawing and the whole process of animation from a young age so it was something that made sense to me at the time. I had big dreams of one day working as an animator or layout artist with Disney.

At the same time I also applied for a course in TV / Film Makeup with IADT in Dunlaoghire. Well, I breezed through my animation course interview with a well put together portfolio of drawings and paintings and was offered a place shortly after. Needless to say, I was not offered a place on the makeup course and I left any interest I had in the movie makeup industry behind with it.

I went on to study animation for two years before making the decision that it was not the course for me. While I loved the whole process, I just never found myself clicking with anything other than my sculpting and history of art classes. For a long period of time I was incredibly down about my decision, but looking back now I know that everything happens for a reason, and it was the right choice to make.

A year later, in summer 2008 after a long day at work, I decided to buy myself a new laptop that was on offer at our local Tesco. I had gotten it at such a bargain and was so excited to set it up and start using it! My previous laptop had been burnt out by the numerous massive animation programs I had running on it. It was around this time that I first started watching Youtube videos on a regular basis. I started off just watching random videos but it was late 2008 when I watched my first ever makeup tutorial Easy Rainbow Eyes by Beauty Youtuber xSparkage. I remember just being so mesmerised by the fact that she was creating something so unique and interesting .. with makeup! From there I went on and found Julia Graf, Makeup by Risa and Petrilude who were all so incredibly creative and inspiring in their own way.

I started picking up makeup here and there and trying to recreate some of the looks I had seen these Youtubers create.

One of my first colourful makeup experiments. 
As the next four years passed, I continued to experiment with makeup. I returned to university and graduated with honours and a BA Degree in History and Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies. I continued to draw and paint moving on to creating murals for family and friends instead of using paper and canvas. By 2012 I had been uploading pictures of different makeup looks I had tried so often to my personal Facebook account, that a lot of my friends started messaging me and asking me if I would create a Youtube channel so they could see how to do some of my makeup looks on themselves. After much encouragement from family and friends, I created my Youtube channel "Makeup and Beauty by Amy" in September 2012 in order to share my passion for beauty and makeup, as well as teach people what I have learnt so far.

L-R: With my friend Niamh at Newgrange. Graduation Day 2011. Halloween Makeup 2011. One of my Murals.
I was terrified when I made the decision to create my first video. I had the video ready for weeks before I decided to finally upload it. I think what scared me most was the fear of rejection and negativity. After all, I was not a trained makeup artist. I had no experience and there were already so many wonderfully creative makeup gurus on Youtube! On October 3rd 2012 I uploaded my first video Natural Pin Up Inspired Makeup and I was hooked from there on! Uploading videos became an amazing outlet for me to share my creativity and ideas. As time went on I became braver about the looks I wanted to create and became less worried about any negative feedback. Through creating looks for my channel I feel that I have gained invaluable experience and confidence, more than I could have ever achieved by completing any makeup course. While there are courses I would like to do in the future, for now I am happy to experiment and continue learning and teaching new things through this amazing medium. Youtube is such an amazing outlet for this! I love looking back and seeing the progression of my skills over time.

My channel today

I am a firm believer that anyone can be creative through the medium of makeup. I love how transformative it can be and how much confidence it can instill in you. I still draw and paint from time to time, but I have grown to have so much love and enthusiasm for what can be done with makeup. 

Makeup and Beauty by Amy has become so much more than I could ever have wished for it. It has become a community full of amazing people who encourage and inspire me every single day. Not only do I share just makeup videos anymore, I now share DIY projects, my artwork and snippets of my daily life. I look forward to looking back in years to come and seeing how much I have grown because of the amazing people that inspired and encouraged me to go on this amazing journey!
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  1. Omgoodness that pic of you and Shane in 2006! You guys look like babies lol. :)

    1. Ha ha I know! We were only 18 there! In fairness I even think we look like babies in our wedding photos! lol